Quilt love

Many of my quilts are given to friends and family and are for special occasions, but some, they are my keepers. Perhaps i've made them with myself or my family in mind, or maybe i simply fell in love with them and their pretty fabrics while i was making them. They are special to me and they are used in our home and loved for many purposes.

Sometimes we just snuggle under them while watching movies or they keep our guests warm when they come to stay. Others are used on our camping trips, in the van as we hit the road or on picnics. The Hurricane snuggles under one on his bed but he also reckons they make the best cubbies. My husband and i usually snuggle under my favourite.

On this page I share our quilt love with you and how our quilts are part of our day to day lives. I hope you'll enjoy these photos as much as we enjoy creating the quilt love memories. It's a work in progress and i'll keep adding to it as i collect our memories.


The Hurricane on our picnic quilt at South Durras on the NSW South Coast
Winter lunch on our picnic quilt at South Durras

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