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Welcome to my quilt gallery.

My Mum is a great quilter and source of inspiration. She taught me to quilt over a decade ago and since then, quilting has become a passion, a treat, a therapy and something to share with my Mum. I've loved creating the best homemade and one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family as well as welcoming babes to the world with something special. Of course, there's always a favourite quilt on my bed and it's super nice to be able to have our visitors sleep under my quilt creations too!

You'll see my tastes and inspirations have changed with the years, as have my commitments and thus the time I'm able to spend quilting....

Unfortunately, i haven't photographed most of the quilts I've made in the past as gifts as they were long before blog days and i just didn't think about taking a photo. Most of the photo's here are either of more recent quilts or quilts i've kept for myself and have only just recently taken a photo. So some of the quilts have seen several washes and much love before i got to photographing them.

I do hope you'll enjoy seeing what i've been working on and what i've been making.



Welcome Delight (Michael Miller Challenge)

Placemat Series

Colourful Strings - Playmat

While, it wasn't quite ready for his arrival, i did manage to finish it off before he turned 6 months old. It is a favourite of mine because of the bold, bright colours and today it keeps my sewing machine cosy while it's not in use. It has been washed and washed and loved dearly.

Inspired by the 'strings attached' pot holders and trivet made by Malka Dubrawsky in fresh*quilting, the quilt top is made in strings using scrap strips. The quilt back has been pieced with whatever i had in my stash while the quilting was done in straight lines using my walking foot. (Size is just over 1x1m).

Pastel stars

This was one of the very first quilts i made, back in, gee....must have been about 1998...an age ago! I made it at a time when it seemed most of the quilts i saw in books and magazines and the fabric in our local stores was kinda 'country', with browns, creams and country inspired appliqué. My personal tastes steered me more into whites and pastels, so i made this quilt for myself using a traditional star block, and quilted around the stars it in sections using my walking foot before machine and hand sewing those sections together.

This is my go-to quilt for guests and visitors who stay with us and has been for a long time now.... after countless washes, it still looks lovely and comforting and my terrible handstitching still holds strong!


  1. Your love of periwinkle and other luscious blues draws me right in!!!! These are all such incredible lovelies!!!!

  2. Lovely selection of finishes! I particularity like the great photography... your Soul Blossom college is simply stunning!


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